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From the Fortune 100 to fast-growing entrepreneurial companies, smart leaders call Optimize International for:

⟡ Masterful CEO and C-Level Executive Coaching
⟡ Facilitating Executive Team Retreats
⟡ Strategic Planning that Moves Companies Forward Faster
⟡ Leadership, Communication, & Business Development Training

Great Leadership Starts Here

Led by Hall of Fame executive coach, facilitator, and speaker, Steve Lishansky, the talented team trained by Steve has a results-driven approach to every engagement. Whether you are looking to grow faster, build a stronger culture, develop your top talent, or gain insights from our team of experienced executives, mentors and coaches can help.

We have a carefully curated powerful team of expert coaches

Every one of our team members is a highly trained and proven executive coach who has been optimizing success for exceptional leaders for years. Our coaches consistently create powerful change and results elevating the success of the outstanding leaders we collaborate with. Our team works directly with C-level executives and their teams to create strategic alignment and mastery for unparalleled corporate results.

Team alignment

Your Team for Dramatically Enhancing
Your Strategic Focus and Impact

Steve Lishansky

Steve Lishansky
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Steve Lishansky is the CEO of Optimize International, the company he founded in 1992 specifically for successfully maximizing the development of top leaders and high performing executive teams in the US and internationally. He has worked with leaders and top performers from over 40 countries.

Neal Tricarico

Neal works with client organizations to grow their sales, executive leadership, recruiting, and training success. Neal helps organizations around the world implement growth strategies consistent with the organization’s vision, values, and purpose.

Mitchell Stevko

Mitchell is a master strategist and CEO coach for high growth companies, having helped over 100 entrepreneurs and organizations raise over $4 billion in capital to achieve their dreams. He specializes in working with fast-growing, venture-funded companies to ensure strategic growth and effective leadership for successfully fulfilling their vision and achieving their goals.

Kelly McCormack

Kelly is an experienced designer, developer and deliverer of solutions that allow organizations to attain critical, specific, and measurable results. She works with executives to address competition and changing customer needs, and develop leadership skills.

Jeremy Seligman

Jeremy is an organizational design strategist and coach, helping senior leaders identify and implement the conditions for more effective and profitable organizations. Jeremy has diverse experience, including as CIO of a Fortune 500 telecom, Director of Global IT Strategy and Organizational Development for Ford Motor Company, and C-Level officer of a fast-growing private company.

Tracy Nelson

Tracy is an executive coach with extensive business experience as a leader coaching high performing teams, and in facilitation, leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and training. She focuses on developing vision and strategy for organizations, as well as creating, educating, and sustaining high performing teams.

Kamran Loghman

Kamran is the founder and CEO of CreativeIQ, and is an expert in organizational creativity, strategy and leadership. He is a select senior master trainer for Apple on leadership discipline and creative performance. His programs help leaders and teams to transform, challenge, and eliminate weaknesses.

Susan Mayginnes

Susan specializes in working with senior executives in creating intentional company cultures, and developing future leaders. Her transformational work and approaches awaken leaders’ abilities to create real change, both personally and organizationally.

Meredith Kimball

Meredith is a coach and advisor to executives and leadership teams committed to defining and delivering strategic and operational plans, learning and adapting quickly, and developing more open, accountable cultures. She is a licensed Psychologist, and top graduate of the Executive Coaching Institute.