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Leadership Starts Here

The journey of leadership is one of the most significant endeavors of humanity.

Understanding where leadership starts is key to achieving these valuable outcomes of high performing leaders.

Leadership Starts Here provides common sense wisdom designed to provoke thinking and inspire effective action. At every level of leadership, the ability to provide compelling clarity creates the best path forward.

Insightful answers to questions such as:

⟡ How to rapidly clarify what is most important

⟡ The most important decision-making questions

⟡ What drives the best senior team collaboration

⟡ Keys to elevating leadership effectiveness

⟡ How to use the power of vision and purpose

⟡ 30 warning signs of poor decision-making

⟡ How to evaluate your decision-making process

A proven roadmap for building strong executive teams around the world

These are universal principles driving the best human decision making. These principles transcend national and cultural differences. By providing a trustworthy guide to understanding the source and starting point of great leadership, you have the tools to elevating and accelerating what is possible as a leader.

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"I read Leadership Starts Here cover to cover in a morning after connecting briefly with the author a few days earlier. I'd intended to read the first chapter to get started and then one chapter a day until finished, but I couldn't put it down. Fantastic and masterfully written. A fabulous resource and roadmap for any business owner."