Elevating Success for Exceptional Leaders
- And Those Who Aspire to Be

Done well, the ability to leverage the talents, capabilities, and resources of your best people dramatically drives impact and results throughout your organization. High-quality mentoring and insights for thinking outside the day-to-day demands are key for:

⟡ Innovative decision-making
⟡ Improving results with their teams
⟡ Expanding insight and influence
⟡ Fully utilizing their potential
⟡ Tapping under-utilized resources

Steve Lishansky

“Great leaders always strive to improve their leadership abilities and results. They want to inspire their people to be their best to take their company to an even higher level.”

Seven Keys to Executive Coaching Success:
Achieving Superior Results

Number One: Build On Strengths
It’s not that we’re going to ignore challenges, but the key issue so often is: are we leveraging the person’s strengths? We spend a lot of time trying to do what we’re not good at instead of doing what we’re brilliant at. This is the single most thing that makes a huge difference.

Successful leadership session

Case Study: On The Ropes

Faced with a potential perfect storm, Bill’s leadership was on the ropes because of some harsh market changes. Sharp revenue losses put his company at risk. In this heart, he knew that there was a desperate need for a new way, and he had only 12 months to make it happen. After working in our executive coaching program, in a single day, Bill’s senior team was able to make the decisions that turned around their company. Prices were increased by over 50%. Customer satisfaction improved by 74%. They also won the prestigious award for outstanding client satisfaction in the enterprise!

The Five Elements of Leadership Mastery

Effective leaders achieve dynamic balance between the 4 outer elements while ensuring they are well grounded in the center element.

Five Elements of Effective Leadership graphic

Maintaining connection to and manifesting your core identity, values, and purpose.

Aligning the environment (people, culture, infrastructure, processes, capabilities) with the vision.

Engaging others in, and having them appropriately supporting the vision, mission, and goals.

Managing priorities/deliverables required to maintain operation and deliver results.

Connecting others to their own internal motivational drivers (identity, values, purpose, vision, and mission).

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