Great Leaders Become Masters of
Decision-Making, Alignment, and Influence

For extraordinary results, leaders must align their leadership and teams. Leadership Mastery happens when there is unparalleled corporate agreement and alignment on what is most important.

Increasing the effectiveness, productivity, and functioning of a senior team and company requires breaking out of silo thinking, opening productive dialogues, and creating alignment on the most important priorities. Many times this is what strategic planning, high-stakes meetings, and executive retreats aim to accomplish. This is what we guarantee to produce.

How do You Know if You Have Strategic Alignment?

Ask your top five executives what the vision, mission, and the top three priorities are. If their responses are not the same, you know you have a strategic alignment problem. Imagine the confusion in the rest of your organization.

The Solution?

The Strategic Alignment Decision-Making Process

Steve Lishansky’s Strategic Alignment Process™ moves organizations from a lack of clarity on what really matters to a level of focus, performance, and results they didn’t believe possible. Raise your company’s line of sight from mundane, day-to-day activities to a compelling place of purpose and possibilities.

Once aligned, your teams will all pull in the same direction for greater alignment, increased profitability, and unified and powerful leadership.

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“At a recent summit, Steve took a group of creative, independent thinking leaders (most with large egos). He optimized our power by teaching us about the skills of working together. He has an uncanny ability to listen, clarify, draw in, and align executive teams for optimal performance. I highly recommend Steve Lishansky for your Senior Executive Team.”

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The Driving Forces of Decision Making

The Driving Forces of Decision Making

Identity, Values, and Purpose fully manifested into the future is the basis of Vision

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“This was the most powerful program I have ever experienced. Steve showed us how to turn difficult situations into gold. It was a remarkable team-building experience that created award-winning culture shifts in our organization. The effects of this program are dramatic and long-lasting.”

Richard E. Holbrook, Chairman and CEO at Eastern Bank Corporation, speaks about Steve's long-lasting impact on his organization.