Leadership Starts Here book cover

Leadership Starts Here

The journey of leadership is one of the most significant endeavors of humanity.

Understanding where leadership starts is key to achieving these valuable outcomes of high performing leaders. Leadership Starts Here provides common sense wisdom designed to provoke thinking and inspire effective action. At every level of leadership, the ability to provide compelling clarity creates the best path forward.

The Ultimate Sales Revolution book cover

The Ultimate Sales Revolution

Sell Differently. Change The World.

These are the principles, practices, and skills that Steve Lishansky teaches top leaders that enables them to ‘sell’ the most powerful, yet intangible, things of all – their company vision, mission, and strategic goals. Whether you need to increase your influence, move teams to more effective action, build better relationships, turnaround difficult ones, or sell high-end services and products, this book promises insights that will accelerate and advance your results dramatically.