Accelerating Success for Exceptional Leaders
- And Those Who Aspire to Be

The most successful corporate leaders from 40 countries know their quest for mastery is a continuous journey. When the highest-achieving executives approach Steve Lishansky for his leadership and advice they often share from the heart stating, “We’re doing great – and we know we can be and do even better.”

Working with the best of the best is the sweet spot at Optimize International

When successful C-level executives seek leadership and team alignment for even more extraordinary results they turn to Steve and his team. With decades of proven results, he is a sought-after results-driven leader, trainer, and award-winning presenter whose clients continually share stories of the positive impact their work delivered.

Corporate leaders turn to Optimize International as an indispensable partner in mastering the dynamics of effective leadership. Steve optimizes the alignment of corporate teams in ways that maximize business performance and results.

Optimize International was created to deliver the most profound leadership development and organizational performance

In addition to leadership mastery coaching, his sought-after Strategic Alignment Process™ produces the most profound executive team engagement, alignment, agreement and acceleration of results.

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“Steve Lishansky is a gifted coach and consultant. If your company or career is not achieving its full potential, it is your loss if you are not talking to Steve. He is generous, warm, funny, and has a gift for getting people to see their blind spots and move swiftly to their next level.”