About Steve Lishansky

Steve Lishansky is a recognized master who has changed the course of leadership, executive coaching, and decision-making. His unique, intuitive, multi-faceted background and education were developed from experience and continuous learning from the masters. His goal was audacious: How does one create mastery?

In addition to traveling extensively and learning from masters in various fields around the globe, Steve fueled his fire for continuous learning and studying. Through this journey he developed his own principles and practices for leadership transformation and impact.

Throughout his early years of starting, building, and leading various businesses and sales teams, Steve honed his insightful influence techniques by asking impactful questions such as, “How valuable would it be if we could…?”

This simple question opened door after door to companies and C-level executives that wanted to improve their executive teams’ performance and results.

Over the years Steve trained and grew a solid team of executive coaches who work hand-in-hand with Optimize International clients. The Optimized Team supports Steve’s collaborative partnership in optimizing the highest level of leadership talent and successful executive teams.

The Quest for Mastery – Changing the Game

Larry BirdIn 1986, The Boston Celtics won the national basketball championship. Larry Bird won everything that mattered that year – the Championship, the MVP award for both the series and the year. However, when asked what he would do next, he replied simply, “I’m going home to Indiana to practice. I have a lot of things to work on.”

Steve commented on Larry Bird’s incredible success and attitude, “This totally changed my understanding of mastery. The masters and the best of the best are on a never-ending quest for continuous improvement – for themselves and their organization.”

With two best-selling books, Leadership Starts Here and The Ultimate Sales Revolution, Steve has filled the gap for thousands of executives and high-level corporate teams to quickly identify the most critical elements of success. He then builds the structure and process for the essential outcomes of maximizing impact, value and results.