The Power of Gratitude

“Gratitude is the precursor to joy” is one of my favorite quotes – and a great guide to living. In the midst of whatever is going on, personally and professionally, recognizing all that we are grateful for tunes your mind, attention, energy, and spirit to a better state.

When you really need to be at your best – often in stressful situations – the power of uplifting thoughts opens the door to more resourceful states and decisions. A few moments of recalibration often produce access to better, stronger, and more reliable thinking, decision-making, and acting.

The practice of recalibration in the face of the challenge becomes easier and faster when it is a basic, everyday practice you master consistently. Making a practice of regularly taking a few moments a few times during the day to recalibrate your state of mind profoundly raises your ability to:

  • Recognize threats – and opportunities – more clearly
  • Categorize information more precisely
  • Make important decisions faster
  • Access your most important and valuable resources better
  • Prioritize issues, choices, and actions far better

We will be discussing the concept of becoming more resourceful over the next blogs. Among the most powerful resources you could ever access is your ability to operate in a state of gratitude and joy – and these are inextricably linked.

Having the lightness and openness to expand your perspective, especially when important and/or tough choices are demanded, requires a quality process that delivers. Among the most open and enlightening perspective, changers is joy. Starting with gratitude is the surest way to open the door to joy – and all that it brings.

During challenges and difficult times, it is important to continue to give thanks for what we are grateful for – this reminds us that perspective is a choice. While it is a choice to make, the process of acknowledging what we are thankful for opens the door to that positive and uplifting decision and its resulting benefits.

Practice deepening your gratitude – the more frequently you do it the more powerful it becomes. Watch what happens to how it can lighten your being, open your mind, and enhance your joy. What flows from that in your life and work will amaze you…

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