Building and Strengthening Resilience

When is the last time that an obstacle you encountered knocked you down, pushed you around, and kicked you off track?

When is the last time you achieved something great and meaningful – without having to face a significant obstacle?

The difference between these two situations lies in your ability to be resilient.  The ability to face whatever comes your way with a firm focus on producing valuable results is a quality, capability, and talent that everyone can develop and enhance.

Resilience is built by consistently strengthening your focus and commitment to your meaningful outcome.  There’s an old saying, “You become what you focus on.”  Most people focus more on their to-do list than their ultimate, most desired accomplishments.  When your ‘line of sight’ is strong and firm on what is most important, meaningful, and valuable, you have far more command of your inspiration, initiative, and intelligence with which to face any situation.

Too many people get overwhelmed when facing obstacles and difficulties – because they get focused and fixated on those obstacles and difficulties.  Perspective, propulsion, and power comes from keeping your focus on what really matters, and figuring out how to navigate the gap between where you are and your ultimate destination.

Your ability to maintain your focus on what really matters – your high-value destination – together with a commitment to reaching that outcome generates an enormous capacity for resilience.  That includes renewed energy, intensified creativity in designing options and resolve in pursuing your solution.  These add up to momentum and impact that is easier to maintain and harder to push off track.

Resilience comes down to:

  • How strong is your commitment to a clear and meaningful outcome
  • How well do you address the gap between this important destination and your current situation
  • How robust your resolve and creativity is to get that bridge built across the chasm separating you from your destination

This practice of building these muscles of focus and commitment on valuable and meaningful outcomes supports you consistently and effectively:

  • Seeing where you’re going
  • Dealing with whatever gets in your way
  • Resolving the challenges, dilemmas, and obstacles that you must face

Here is a one-and-a-half-minute Line of Sight video that you can use to make sure you’re focused on where you can produce the greatest impact.

If you would like more information on doing this for yourself, your team, or your organization, email me at or call us at (978) 369-4525.  This is one of the best, fastest, and most dramatic way to accelerate and elevate your success.


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